Thursday, 30 August 2012

Clearwater Natural Stone Freestanding Baths


Clearwater Natural Stone Freestanding Baths

Here at Plumbfactory we present to you the most stylish natural stone freestanding baths from Clearwater.

Natural Stone Baths

The range of natural stone baths are clearwaters showpiece, offering a stunning collection of modern and traditional designs.

The baths are manufactured using natural stone & mineral technology to create the most stunning collection the market has to offer.

A natural stone bath typically weighs around 110kg and is around 18mm thick throughout the entire surface, the finsish is smooth, solid and velvety to the touch.

Clearwater Formoso Natural Stone Bath

Why Natural stone?

  • Deeper baths - Natural stone baths sit on the floor and do not require feet under the bath. This means that the natural stone baths are around 12cm deeper than regular baths - with no increase in the overall height. This makes for a really relaxing deep bath!
  • Hand Made - Each natural stone bath is hand made. This procedure takes three people and takes over 10hours to hand polish every bath. This results in a unique handcrafted, high quality product.
  • Looks Good - Natural stone baths make it possible for edges to be much thinner and sharper than acrylic or steel baths - this gives the bath a far more stylish and designer look.
  • Maintenance - Natural stone baths are stone all the way through, unlike arcylic or steel baths which have only the surface white. This means that you should scratch or damage your bath you can polish out the damage.

Clearwater Vicenza Freestanding Bath

 Clearwater natural stone baths really do give you a stunning alternative to your regular run of the mill acrylic baths.
For the full collection of Clearwater products why not try our website. There is currently free delivery on all clearwater baths. (for a limited period only)

Clearwater Palermo Piccolo Natural Stone Bath





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