Tuesday 21 August 2012

Stone & Wood Bathrooms By Stonearth

Stone & Wood Bathrooms By Stonearth

Here at plumbfactory we present to you the stunning stone & wood collection from stonearth...

Bring nature into your Bathroom...
Only the most natural of all materials are used when producing stonearth products. Thats why we can guarantee that only 100% solid oak, walnut & bamboo are used to create these stunning pieces of bathroom furniture. It might seem a simple idea, but when we say we use only solid wood we mean solid wood. All the furniture is hand built using traditional carpentry techniques.

The human eye can recognise the patterns of genuine stone that no replica or alternative can match.
When you combine real granite and marble with meticulous craftsmanship down to the very last details, you will have a centrepiece that is as spohisticated as it is beautiful.

That is what makes a Stonearth bathroom something extra special.

The Finesse Range

With a choice between 7 washstand ranges, 17 basin designs, across 7 types of material and 5 popular sizes; the choice really is yours. You are sure to find the right option for your bathroom.

One question that is regularly asked is how well the solid wood & stone can cope with the demands of being in a bathroom. Stonearth products are purposely built to cope with the splash and moisture of a busy bathroom. The wood is lacquered and the stone is sealed to ensure they have oustanding protection from humidity and staining. This is what makes stonearth bathrooms long lasting and easy to maintain.

Let the inherant beauty, the unmistakable warmth, the incredile versatility, and the authentic knots and grain of wood manifest themselves in your bathroom. Solid wood brings with it an understated elegance, a confident presence that works well in almost any setting. This really is an oppurtunity to put something exclusive into your bathroom as every piece of stonearth furniture has its own unique characteristics.

Flow Vanity Unit & 2 x Turro Granite Basin
Real Natural Stone...
Natural stone is so reassuringly enduring. With the excellent craftsmenship and superb designs comes a truly breathtaking end product. Stonearth are able to hand craft fabulous curves into the stone that many would not even attempt. The luxurious selection of washbasins & countertops are finished from single blocks of granite, marble & travertine.

Natural stone, unlike a stone composite or resin mix, cannot be melted or be formed on a production line. Hence your basin is individually hand shaped and polished to perfection for you.

With four premium natural stones to choose from, you can select between colour combinations in beige travertine, glossy cream, matt black & contemporary grey. Show your distinct personality by choosing a statement counter top basin or integrate the whole look with an inset basin option. Or why not go for the exclusive hand made natural edge option?

Is natural stone hard to install & maintain?
Not When it comes from Stonearth. All the natural stone surfaces are pre treated with the leading Lithofin natural stone sealant for the best treatment against staining. This makes it nice and easy to clean and only minimal maintenace is required.

Roma Granite Basin

Why Choose Stonearth?
  • 100% Solid Wood
  • Real natural stone
  • Design & craftsmanship
  • Handmade to last
  • Durable finishes & easy maintenance
  • Soft-close mechanism as standard
  • Ready to install
  • 5 Year Guarantee against manufacturing defects.

The full collection of stonearth products can be sourced directly from the plumbfactory website. If you have any questions then please contact us and it is always worth a call to check our latest offers on Stonearth products.

Further technical information can be found on the Stonearth website.

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